·        Faster Speed to Market via Extremely Loosely Coupled Architecture which requires 65 to 80 percent less code vs traditionally coding Architecture

·        Real-Time Command and Control over Code and Interface changes via Extremely Loosely Coupled Architecture 

·        Real-Time Issue Resolution, Interface Development with End-User plus Zero Software Updates

·        Recovery from flawed updates back to pre-update conditions can be performed in less than 60 seconds

·        Client-Side Software is Ultra Lite.

·        Benefits of a Web Interface without the limitations or Web browser compatibility issues of a Web Interface

·        Migration of MS Access Interfaces

·        Import Data from Excel to SQL Server

·        Seamless switching from one SQL Database to another

·        Entry-Level to Mid-Level coding skills needed to Code Interfaces

·        Extremely low Bandwidth requirements

·        Clients Data and Interfaces can be stored on separate SQL Servers without Direct connects to each other

·        Clients can keep their sensitive data In-House

·        Clients already running SQL server incur zero overhead cost to implement  and runs In Tandem with Clients existing system

·        Conforms to Client Data

·        Built-In Restrictive Access system shuts the Software down on Unauthorized machines and connects

·        Does not communicate of the Open Internet (http).  Uses TCP/IP.





·        SQL Server

·        SQL Management Studio

·        PDF(Client-Side)

·        Report Viewer(Client-Side)


FAQ (1 of 2)



Q:        How are you updating a Windows Base Interface without a Software update to the Client-Side?


A:        SQL Server houses the non-core code for the Interfaces.  The Software is control by SQL Server.


Q:        Is Infinidrum® EDMS is a Virtual Desktop Interface (VDI)?


A:        Infinidrum® EDMS is not an Operating System (OS) it is an application.  However, due to the Unique operation of Infinidrum® EDMS, Virtual Application Interface (VAI) is better a description.


Q:        Where does the Web Server come into play?


A:        A Web Server is not involved, Only SQL Server.


Q:        What programming language is this Software coded in?


A:        C#.     


Q:        Can we code Interfaces and provide them to Clients without housing Client data on our network?


A:        Yes, Clients keep their data In-House.  Server location and permissions are all that is required for Clients to manage their data.  Client’s data never touches your network in this configuration.


Q:        What degree of changes would Clients have to make to their data to use Infinidrum®EDMS?


A:        None, Infinidrum®EDMS conforms to Clients data.  Infinidrum®EDMS requires nothing additional from Clients that are already running SQL server.  There are zero overhead costs to implement Infinidrum®EDMS for Clients already running SQL server.




FAQ (2 of 2)


Q:        When you say “software shuts itself down on Unauthorized machines”.  Does this mean that a user attempting access data from an Unauthorized machine who has the proper permissions to access said Data, Infinidrum®EDMS will denied them from connecting at all to the data? 


A:        Yes, machines are Vetted via the Interface Server before they are allowed to attempt any type of connect the Data Server.   If any validation stage fails Infinidrum® EDMS shuts itself down.   Infinidrum®EDMS at maximum security level requires the End User to provide a key every time Infinidrum®EDMS starts . 


Q:        Can a machine’s authorization be set to expire?


A:        Yes, this is accomplished server-side and cannot be changed or stopped by the End User.