Welcome to Infinidrum Enterprise Data Management Software (EDMS) a Revolutionary Windows Based Software with Real-Time Command and Control.

          For years the Only solution to moving from MS Access to SQL Server has lead to the use of a Web Application solution.   Businesses seeking a Windows Based alternative to keep the look, feel, functionality and Security of a Windows Based solution until Now have required Software updates for any changes to the Windows Based solution.   Infinidrum EDMS is the answer to the long search for a Windows Based alternative that compares to a Web Based solution.

          Infinidrum Enterprise Data Management Software provides an Infinite number of Dynamic Data Management solutions with Zero Software Updates to the End-User's Machine.   Infinidrum EDMS is the perfect alternative to a Web Application with Real Time Interface development, issue resolution with the End-User. Infinidrum EDMS provides Faster Speed to Market with Real-Time Command and Control via Extremely Loosely Coupled Code Library Architecture.    Infinidrum EDMS provides restrictive access, Migration of MS Access Interfaces, Dynamically conforms to your Data and Data structure changes.   Infinidrum EDMS provides the benefits of a Web Based interfaces without the limitations, compatibility issues and without communicating over the open Internet.    Click Here to See a Quick Demo of the Power of Infinidrum EDMS

          A full list of Benefits and Features are under the "The Facts" link on the left hand side. PDFs you can share are located under the "Downloads" link.

          Lastest News:  Infinidrum Technology will be available on Mobile Platform in 2020.

          Lastest News:  Infinidrum Event Alerts BETA Mobile App test was a FLAWLESS SUCCESS!!! Thank You to everyone that appreciated in the Beta Test.

Screen Shots Below:

Infinidrum Mobile Platform Capabilities

  • Pure 100% Custom per Use Case
  • ALL HANDS ON DECK Audio with Message alert
  • Requires HTTPS connection
  • Inventory Checking
  • Date and Time Flag Drop for marking the start and end of events
  • Take Paper Logs Paperless
  • Back End System for Admins and Managers
  • Direct Communication Across Facilities
  • Remote BarCode Scanning and Notification
  • Lockable into Only using Custom App with Admin Only unlock

  •           Every Device with the app is notified of New Logs, Log Changes, New Bar codes available on the app, Date and Time Flag Drops, New Message Post and All Hands On Deck. These features can help Team Members realize another Team Member may need an Extra Hand.

               Dedicated Message Center helps bring the next shift up to speed faster in a crisis and provides reference points of past events.

              With Pure 100% Custom Software Engineering and Development Per Use Case the Capabilities are endless.

    Screen Shots Below: